Introducing Avo 🥑

Since we’re all on quarantine, in self-isolation, or social distancing, I thought it would be fun to build an app to virtually hang with your team and friends. Unlike a real meeting with Zoom, Avo is asynchronous. Think of it like a virtual chat room of telepresence status updates with friends… my elevator pitch needs work.

The App


How it Works

Create a room and share the link with friends. Post image updates when you want to refresh your picture. Initially, I thought I’d have your own image auto-update, but that’s just way too risky.


Uhh, what privacy? Only upload images you would want to be public, even though images can only be accessed if you have the unique room id. These images are stored in the Firestore database. Each newly uploaded image replaces the last, so only one version of your image exists at a time.


Have fun!

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